"Northwood Art Studio is about equipping artists to express on canvas their appreciation for God’s creation.

Through painting and studying works of other artists, students will gain some understanding not only of their techniques but also of the underlying ideas that found their way into the artwork of those artists and in some cases how those very ideas are impacting our lives today.

Northwood Art Studio is about answering, in a positive way, the ideas and way of thinking that have used Art to cast a shadow of doubt on our Judeo-Christian heritage."

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Take advantage of these discounted introductory rates today!  You get a video that was shot on location with artist, Burt Hands, as he walks you through what it takes to create your own work of art.  He will teach you the techniques and ideas behind every brush stroke.  You'll also get an instructional workbook that walks you step by step through your painting or drawing.  Where else will you get to learn from a professional gallery artist at such a discounted rate!  Please email us with any questions you may have!  Don't wait!  Try it today!

Art Lessons

Learning to "see" is the first objective and learning to communicate that vision through painting and drawing is our ultimate goal.

Use our videos & tips to help you learn at your own pace.

Whether you're a beginner just starting out, someone looking for a hobby or someone with a career in mind, you might be interested in our more extensive videos & occasional free demonstration webinars.

Take advantage of our discounted introductory rates for these videos.  The price is only going to go up as we go through 2014.  Invest in yourself, buy the lessons today!

The Artist

Hands paints primarily with oil paints in an impressionistic style.  Whether his subject is a landscape, figure or a still life; the rhythmic strokes of his brush applied rapidly to his canvas result in paintings with vibrant colors that capture the fleeting effects of rays of sparkling sunlight and cool interesting shadow patterns.  

Hands regularly paints from nature near his Rocky Mountain home.  He frequently travels to Europe where he enjoys the challenge of plein air painting in new locations.  His belief that the impressionist movement was the last great movement in art has only been enhanced by his experience in painting in the footsteps of Monet and the other masters of French Impressionism.

Hands studied with some of...


The Idea

Much is being said lately about "Art lies upstream from politics".  I totally agree.

Unfortunately, in a time when "creativity" is so prized, most parents who want their kids involved in the arts...to learn to think "outside the box", treat art as if it's at the origin of the stream...but it's not...there's something a little farther upstream, hidden by the rocks, trees and mountains.

Northwood Art Studio's "Where Art Affirms Truth" explores the answer to what lies upstream from Art.

What lies here has already transformed the world & it is close to transforming America.  Common Core is a product of this idea.

For too long, it changed me.  Has it changed you?

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